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Hi Cynthia, I am doing great. I am losing weight exercising daily, and my kidneys are free from pain. A huge breakthrough happened since your last visit. There is pure healing energy here. Thank you.
~ I. W. , Los Angeles, CA

Hi Cynthia,
Thank you for yesterday. It was incredibly powerful and I haven’t been the same since. I was numb and speechless for the rest of the day. I don’t remember if I even said good-by when you left. I ended up driving home so Marleen sat in front with me and yawned and dozed all the way back. She said she was exhausted from all the energy. E.G. called last night and said she slept all afternoon after we left and that she really felt the energy hit her when you worked on her. I am still being worked on, big time.
~ Jo Ann D., Willits, CA

Dear Cynthia,
The night you sent me energy was unique in terms of my being able to sleep and the day you sent me energy was miraculous. You have provided the only relief besides morphine which I don’t want to take.I wonder if maybe you have a suggestion for something I could do myself. It’s either that or put you on a regular salary!The cancer seems to be improving as the pain grows worse – but I think it is more likely that the morphine had me fooled for years . . .
~ Jenny, Northern CA

Hey by the way the night I sent you this email – you were a complete God send. I was in the most excruciating pain that was so intense I was literally screaming. I couldn’t sleep for more than an hour or so without waking up screaming in pain. I kept throwing up. I kept thinking “there must be SOMETHING I can do to at least lighten the pain. My Dr. friend told me I should expect to feel that way for several days and it would suck.

Finally – after puking my guts up again, I thought of you. I literally crawled to my computer to type this email. It took every last bit of energy I had and I just had to hope and pray that you would be up and get the email.

It was amazing – I crawled back to bed – and after a couple of hours I fell asleep and didn’t wake until the next morning around 6. I was so happy, and I didn’t feel sick anymore. I had a sore stomach from the cramps and screaming, and I was pretty bloody tired but I was well.
Thank you so much for sharing your gift.
~ J.N. Berkeley, CA

Dear Cynthia,
I wanted to thank you for that wonderful group session (in Walnut Creek). It was very powerful. You prayed for healing of my chronic insomnia and since then I’ve had a good sleep so far. I still wake up once or twice, but get 6 hours of sleep. What a different world. Thank you so much. Please let me know when you have another session in Walnut Creek.
~ Dana, Walnut Creek, CA

Dear Cynthia,
I wanted to let you know that the effects of the last group healing were pretty powerful for me. Although I wasn’t as tired after the session, nevertheless it had a profound effect on my asthma. I was not able to ride for a couple of days after the group healing due to my schedule but on the third day I went for a ride and felt like I had a new pair of lungs. The tightness in my bronchioles that I normally associate with exercise was completely gone and I was breathing in and out as close to normal as I expect other people experience during exercise. I was both surprised and shocked. I had not had this type of experience since my first visit to the Casa when my asthma symptoms completely disappeared at the close of the two weeks.

I was a little suspicious that this might be too good to be true so I went for a longer ride the next day and did a lot of climbing, which normally triggers my asthmatic response – but nothing happened, my lungs were still “relaxed.” I was breathing hard but didn’t experience that familiar tightness in my chest. What a miracle!
~ B.R. , Santa Cruz, CA

Dear Cynthia,
My daughter G. came to you for a healing a couple of times and it was so helpful. You also healed my son Robby of a painful stomach ulcer, he never had the pain again after he saw you.
~Santa Rosa, CA

Hi Cynthia, I wanted to share with you the effects of my healing session with you. I have been extremely focused and the cobwebs cluttering my connection to source have been swept away. I went through two very intense residual cleansings. The first one was a clearing out of a very old habitual behavior of feeling that I have to set others “right” when I “judge” them to be behaving poorly. (according to me). Whew…. happy to let this one go. The other was that I was able to see very clearly how my mind is just a tool. Like a computer. Nothing more….. I am experience a deeper level of internal peace than I ever have before. Everything I have just said happened in a very strong physical manner. Like a big jolt. Again I just want to thank you for allowing source energy to heal through you and also being a person that I can relate to.
~ Bonnie T., Los Angeles

What I have noticed since I began working with you are two things: not only have specific physical issues been directly and long lastingly addressed in a way which leaves no doubt about the fact that you have remarkable healing gifts, but perhaps even more importantly, I have also noticed a subtle and unexpected easing of my anxiety and a new sense of well being, which I had not even thought that I was lacking. Now I see though that this was missing, and I feel more at peace, with a greater sense of security and even, dare I say, faith that things are as they should be. It is very refreshing for me to feel these gentle releases of old material and I know that this is one of the great gifts which you share with those of us you treat. It really has made a difference for me, and I am very happy that you arrived in my life. I only hope that I can add something back to your life too. I encourage others to help you to bring this beautiful gift to the world. You are a blessing! Thank you.
~ Tobey

Thank you for the healing – it was very deep, and is continuing. The most wonderful part is that my heart is much more opened up, and the spirits are working through me. So the healings I do for other people are more profound. This is such a great blessing.
~ Laura W., Los Angeles, CA

Cynthia worked with me by performing long distance healings after I was diagnosed with Bone Cancer, the most painful of all cancers.  I asked her to help prepare me for the long trip to Brazil to see John of God and to help me with the pain which was getting worse every day.  The outrageous pain would leave me screaming.  I had no idea how I would make it to Brazil to see John of God, a trip I had planned 4 times but could not make.

 I live in Florida.  Cynthia is in California.  I called her, she said she would do a 20 minute healing after we hung up the phone and that I should become quiet where I was sitting or lying down.  She would send me healing for 20 minutes.
We had done 2 healings by phone in this manner and I was comforted and had considerably less pain after the first healings.  But the 3rd healing was truly remarkable.  I felt a euphoria and peace I have never felt before.  All pain was gone.  I felt I had moved into another space and time, one that was altogether tranquil and calm.  I was totally relaxed and had no fear; just the spacious sense of no time, no barriers, no constrictions.  I was floating.  The healing was so powerful that I was without pain for at least a week.  Because she worked with me like this, I was able to get to see John of God who gave me two invisible operations.  (that’s all I had time for)
The medical doctors gave me 6 months to live from the time of diagnosis.  It is now 8 months and I am still here but more importantly, have cut back all pain medications to less that 1/2 of what I needed before Cynthia and before going to Brazil.  Two tumors have completely disappeared from the PT/CT scans in this time.  The last tumor in my spine, as of the last PT/CT scan, had not grown at all.  We stopped it in its tracks!  Since the last scans, I have had limited pain in that area of the last tumor; I believe it has “melted” also.
I attribute my healing to Cynthia’s work with me and also, her help in getting me to Brazil – a trip that I could not have made in my condition if not for her!
I wish everyone who works with Cynthia to KNOW, without a doubt, the power of her work.  I would testify in court, on a stack of Bibles, that her work is no doubt, a most powerful influence in healing.
~ Dr. Marie Therese Cabak

Cynthia Branchflower is a truly gifted medium and healer. She was referred to me because of pain and a limp I had experienced for over three years (structural and muscular problems) resulting from an accident. After several sessions with Cynthia over a period of a few months, I saw a big improvement in my condition. Then I went to Brazil with Cynthia to meet her teacher, Joao, and to experience the healing that comes through him from spirit. It was an experience I will never forget. The impact on my health and life has been profound.

Cynthia was an excellent guide during my two week stay in Abadiana visiting the casa de Dom Inacio where Joao does his healing work. I had been to all kinds of doctors for my condition: chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, physical therapists. Although there had been some improvement, it was very, very slow. The healing with Joao and Cynthia worked much more quickly and has had lasting effects. It is an ongoing process, but I feel the healing is working on at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Needless to say, I am truly grateful for both Cynthia and Joao for being channels of divine healing.
~Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R.
Art therapist, author and trainer of health and education professionals.
Cambria, CA

Cynthia bestows an incredible gift of healing with compassion and tremendous professionalism. She recently shared this gift through “distance healing” in response to an email in which I described my desire to be free of the extreme pain of what my physician diagnosed as degenerative disc disease. Unable to bend at the waist or pick up my child, I was secretly crying after every painful physical therapy session. Immediately after Cynthia’s prayers, I regained my flexibility. Touching my toes brought unimagined joy! My pain is virtually gone and I feel strong and healthy. I’m sincerely grateful to Cynthia for sharing her gift with me – and to my friend who encouraged me to contact her.
~ Mary, Valencia, CA

Cynthia Branchflower is an amazing healer. I give her total credit for saving the life of my cat, Oreo, who was on the operating table for a massive abscess in her lung and chest cavity. The surgeon called me in the middle of the surgery to tell me that things looked a lot worse than they had originally anticipated and asked me if I wanted them to proceed with the operation. I didn’t have the heart to tell them to stop and sentence my pet to death, so I told them to go ahead even though it was a long shot. I immediately called Cynthia, explained the situation, and asked her to send Oreo a healing. After the surgery, my cat made a miraculous recovery that surprised everyone. Within days you could barely see her large incision which healed without a visible scar. Oreo rebounded with incredible speed and to this day, is healthy and strong even though she lost one of her lungs in the process. I thank Cynthia every day for this gift from God.
~ Kasey Capener, Santa Rosa, CA

I first met Cynthia in the summer of 2002 when I attended one of these (group healing) sessions. I came away in awe of her gift of energy healing. I could not remember the last time I experienced the inner peace and overall balanced energy that I walked away with after her healing. I had visions as she worked with me. I asked her to work on spiritual blockages as well as my physical concerns.
~ Catalina Rodriguez, Sunnyvale, CA

I first encountered Cynthia Branchflower during my recovery from radiation and chemotherapy. I was extremely fatigued, weak, and experiencing severe digestive problems. After a healing session with her I felt energy, strength and most of all a balance and peacefulness I had never experienced before. My digestive problems lessened almost immediately and over the next three weeks disappeared completely. Most importantly, the energy boost I felt was an “initiating” sort of energy that enabled me to move quickly and rather effortlessly through my recovery rather than chipping away at it bit by bit. I have no doubt that my healing sessions with Cynthia have contributed to my recovery and to the fact that I remain, at this point, cancer-free.
~ Rene Duer, Point Richmond, CA

I’ve been plagued with migraine headaches since childhood. At the onset of menopause the headaches became more frequent and would last up to three days. It was not uncommon for me to go to the hospital emergency room for painkillers to get rid of a headache. Since Cynthia has treated me I have not had another migraine headache.
~ Sandra Randell, Atlanta, GA


Cynthia’s healing ability is incredible! I had been having intense lower back pain for 2 straight months. I tried stretching, changing my exercise program, you name it, nothing made it feel better. Cynthia laid her hands on my back and the very next day I woke up totally pain free. That was 8 months ago. I periodically visit her from time to time for a general feeling of balance, and I have not had 1 day of back pain in 8 months.
~ Shelly Vollert, Sonoma, CA

I have constant sinus trouble brought on by acute allergies in the spring and fall. These symptoms are followed by extreme sinus pressure and pain. Cynthia would put her hands on me and within minutes completely clear my sinuses and remove all of my pain. She has an amazing gift and just being in the same room with her can calm my nerves. I recommend her to everyone around for whatever ails them!”
~ Amy Iannoccari, Atlanta GA

I have been tested for hearing loss every year for the last three years. My right ear only had 40% hearing. My ears always felt “stopped up.” I spoke to Cynthia about this problem; she spent about ten minutes with her hands over my ears. I could feel a subtle change. I was able to distinguish words much better than I had in four years. I continue to improve. I feel that this experience began a healing that has improved the quality of my life.
~ Paula Clauser, Marietta, GA


I had a healing by Cynthia, and felt all the stress dissolve out of my body; longstanding tensions literally melted away. I also noticed that for several weeks after this healing, I slept better than I can ever remember sleeping in my adult life. Cynthia is a powerful healer who is very caring, professional, and empathetic.
~ Eric B. Robins, MD – Urologist, Los Angeles, CA

When Cynthia was visiting her mother here in Maryland, she spent about ten minutes with me. She put her hands over my back and the arthritis pain that I have had for years went away. That night I slept well and woke up the next day without pain or stiffness. This lasted for three weeks and I will gladly see her again when she returns. I highly recommend her for pain relief.
~ Earl M., Laurel, MD

The axis of my neck had been locked-up for two years, and that freed up immediately. The pinched sciatic nerve (between L5 and S1) cleared up in 72 hours, as Cynthia said it would. She then gave me a prayer to say (in response to individual challenges/needs)
~ Bruce Dalley, San Jose, CA

Cynthia Branchflower is an amazing healer and medium. The power and depth of her energy are well beyond anything that I have felt channeled by anyone else. I have been hosting a healing circle with Cynthia for 2 years and have been privileged to witness many people experience healings that have set them free from ailments and changed their lives. Her healing abilities are powerful and profound and I highly recommend her to anyone who is open to receive a healing experience.
~ Jo Ann De Silva – Usui/Karuna Reiki Master
Teacher, CranioSacral & Touch For Health Practitioner

I have very much enjoyed the power and integrity of Cynthia Branchflower’s work. We have dealt with a variety of passing ills and imbalances over the months we have worked together. However, the issue about which I was most concerned was sleep apnea (where the person repeatedly returns to wakefulness through the night because the air passages are blocked by relaxed tissue in the throat). I had been fully waking 6-8 times a night, and partially waking hundreds of times, and didn’t know whether the problem stemmed from being peri-menopausal, from being fat and middle aged, or from something else. Regardless of the source of the problem I had been tired for years, feeling especially groggy when driving more than 20 minutes on the freeways. This problem was especially dangerous because I drive about 70 minutes to work two or three times a week.

Cynthia agreed to ask for help for me around the sleep apnea. At first, I only noticed improvement on the night of the day when she worked on me. Over time, that window expanded to a couple days, and then 3-4 days of pretty good sleep after each session. Months later, I slept through an entire night for the first time in many years. I still wake between 1-4 times per night, but I’m getting much better sleep when I do sleep. Friends have told me I still snore very loudly, but those interrupted snorting snores, which come from trying to get air during sleep apnea, aren’t happening any more –I breathe much more steadily.

When Cynthia works on me, I feel tremendous heat coming through her hands, and often I can feel movement or energy in parts of my body far away from where her hands are. I always feel calmer and my mood is more pleasant after we work together. I also enjoy being able to ask questions of the Ones who work with and through Cynthia.

For pain in my back right behind my heart, Cynthia suggested I take 4 drops each of Bach Flower remedies: Star of Bethlehem and Rescue Remedy in a liter of water and sip it all day. The pain noticeably lessens while I’m actually sipping the water, and over several weeks, I have noticed much less pain in my back, even though the work stress, which brought up the pain, continues. I enjoy working with Cynthia, and enthusiastically recommend her work to others.
~ Meganwind Eoyang, Trager Practitioner, Santa Rosa, CA

I am most happy to put on paper my experience of healing after seeing you. I had asked you to please work on my neck, which had been needing an adjustment, and to also work on my shoulders, which were very sensitive to the touch where I had numerous benign tumors. During the session I attended…after I had written on the card what I wanted…my neck slipped back into position on its own without my doing anything. It had caused pain for days and it was such a relief. After the session during the first night I felt something massaging my back where it had spasmed during the session and all soreness was gone the next morning. I noticed that the lumps in my shoulders were reducing and all soreness was leaving them with in the first three days after the session. I also noticed that other tumors I had not mentioned in other parts of my body were also reduced in size and less tender. One of these I have had since the 1970s. I have also experienced a greater sense of peacefulness and being “comfortable in my body”. You had also suggested something to take (holly) when I was upset…this has worked very well for me. I thank you again for the time and willingness you have for all of us. I consider you a blessing.
~ Jo-Marie Tripp, Willits, CA

The results of your treatments have been amazing. The tumors on my shoulders that I wrote about earlier are GONE!!! I have also noticed that I am carrying my shoulders much lower in a relaxed position, and am calmer than I have been in years. Since you began working on me I have evidently been in a clearing out mode because a cancer I had thought was gone came back on my lip; so the doctor performed surgery this time (rather than burning it off), and when he opened my lip up he found a tumor also, which is now gone. He also checked the place on my head that had blistered up 3 times, and says that is all healed also.

For the first time I have been able to commit to losing weight, and have comparatively easily lost 20 pounds. I feel better than I have in at least 20 years. I have tried to lose weight before, but without success. I think my new found calm really helps. Also I have had back pain for years since a surgery in 1992…I have not had a backache now for at least a month…this was an everyday reality for me.

I also have had shingles, which happened after you worked on me. As you probably know they are a virus kept in your spine from the time you had chicken pox, and now that is gone also. I had always heard how painful shingles were, but I suffered almost no pain with them, and even the scars I mentioned to you last week are gone. Thank you so much for your dedication to all of us. Lovingly,
~ Jo-Marie Tripp 75 years and getting younger every day.

I came to a healing with Cynthia. I was somewhat familiar with the Brazilian culture and healing ceremonies and came with my own expectations hidden (from myself!) in my mind. Not recognizing that might have diminished my experience that night. We all know what happens when ego does its thing. I had a long laundry list of physical challenges and Cynthia was guided to tell me that it was my heart that needed to be healed and the rest would follow. I know this to be true. Not “feeling the earth move”, I came away slightly disappointed because I secretly expect complete spontaneous healing!!! I was broke and didn’t get the flower essences right away and then thought it wasn’t going to work because of that. But now, in retrospect, I realize that that it was working in the magical Brazilian way: subtle, over a period of time, deeply encouraging a study of Self, and accomplishing a greater sense of well-being recognized a little way down the road. I love Brazilian Spirit Healing! in it’s many forms.
~ CD, Artist, Santa Rosa

I had one healing with Cynthia. In that time, my lower back pain primarily located in my right hip area completely disappeared. Additionally, my lower back pain in general was quite diminished. I was very much aware of Spirit working on me during the following week with “tingling” sensations in many areas of my body. My left ovary which was throbbing in pain completely stopped. I felt overall very energized. I am continuing to experience rapid healing even when I re-injured myself. Thanks, Cynthia
~ Sylvia Dolena,
Senior Business Consultant, Business Innovation and Transformation
Services,Hewlett Packard Company, Windsor, CA

Cynthia’s energy is very clean and she utilizes a very pure source of divine energy. Cynthia is impeccable in the way that she offers her work and in the space that she holds for God to work through her. The healings that Cynthia does work on a multi-dimensional level. I often feel Cynthia’s sessions lasting for days after she has worked on me.
~ David Groode, Intuitive Consultant, Sebastopol, CA

In my first encounter with Cynthia, I was unprepared for the power that came from her hands. She asked me to tell her where there was pain. I said in my back. She closed her eyes and gently placed her hands on my head. In the first seconds of her touch I was aware not so much that any specific area of pain was disappearing, but rather that my entire body, starting from my head and rapidly falling down to my toes was washed in what felt like a mixture of warm water and light. My entire nervous system felt a sense of peace, and deep, deep relaxation. The flow of this warmth overrode any and all other sensations. Even the ones that let me feel the chair I was resting on. After a few minutes she kneeled before me and looked up at me. Is there any pain? she asked. Oh, it is all gone…I replied. All gone.

From the little I know of her, I have felt that she is a woman who is generated by one important passion. To assist others to heal. Next to that all other desires in her seem small. Because of this level of compassion, I feel that I can trust her completely to guide me through any pain and find healing. I believe that is why she has such a tremendous gift.
~ Steve Brumme, Santa Rosa, CA

I had a…*something*… on my wrist. Inflamed ganglia? Who knows. A painful bump, in any case, that was quite worrisome because it would not go away, and I seemed to keep hitting it against the steering wheel of my car when I made left hand turns. After several group visits, it was basically gone. And that’s just the physical side. I have asked for, and received, greater clarity and vision-focus.”
~ Thea, Santa Rosa, CA

Dearest Cynthia:
I am writing to you because of the healings I have had with you and the success I have had with the reduction of medications for the Asthma I have suffered with since 1979. I was in such a bad way I couldn’t get air in or out of my lungs and knew if I was ever going to be a whole person again I needed to seek alternative health programs. I saw you for the first time this year about four months ago and upon our first session I noticed I didn’t need to take my spray to open up my lungs. It also occurred to me I was able to do more exercise with less medication.

Now I only take my medication if I am in a place where the air quality is poor! I also had surgery last Wednesday and when I came home my leg was so badly swollen I could hardly stand the heaviness I was feeling from the surgery! When you said you would stop by and do a personal healing I was thrilled because my Doctor said I would be laid up for about 7-10 days. After you came my leg was down to normal size the next morning and I was able to go out and run some personal errands. Only three days after surgery! God Bless you for your personal care of your clients. You don’t just walk away after the healing you are there for as long as the client needs your care! I will continue to attend your healing seminars (i.e. sessions) and will tell all my friends so they can witness the same benefits as I. With my personal warmest affection,”
~ Arlene Bates, San Jose, CA

Dear Cynthia,
I am a healer who came to you to experience the energies you bring through and to ask for guidance and healing.

I asked for guidance on a trip I was planning to The Casa De Dom Inacio in Brazil. I have just returned and can only say that my trip was truly blessed.

I am in good health with no major health issues, however, I have suffered from canker sores for years and after your two healing sessions they have gone away completely.

Finally I would like to say that the energy level I experienced during my
two experiences was very powerful. God bless and may you continue to serve as the healing instrument that you are.
~ Hugh de Pentheny O’Kelly, Sebastopol,CA

Thank you for the session last night. A lot of pain has left my body. There is still some around the heart area and the place in the back where the skull joins the neck. If/when you have time if you could send a bit more energy to get it to move, I would appreciate it. I am feeling that a lot of energy of sadness has left the heart chakra area, in a very concentrated way, and my heart has opened up releasing old pain & hurts. You definitely have the knack and power and are so matter of fact and down to earth about the powerful healing you access from GOD. Thanks again. I hope to see you again when you have SR time. Love & Light.

Before I received a healing from you at your healing session in San Francisco, I had been experiencing hot flashes, profuse sweating at night, and many hours of sleeplessness for about 8 months. I recently realized that the day before I saw you was the last time I experienced any of this fun stuff. I remember the day because I was wondering, as I drove to the session, if I would be able to stay awake for the entire session, as I had only slept about 4 hours the prior night, and the prior night, etc. Thank you so much for your gracious healing energy, as you have made a wonderful difference in my life. Thank you.
~ Sandy

I’m writing to let you know that the past 3 weeks since you prayed for me and I’ve been drinking the flower essence water have been wonderfully magical. Everything is leading to fulfilling my wish/longing, and I feel very blessed and guided in this process. Feelings inside and opportunities and words from the outside have confirmed this in surprising, graceful ways.

So, I wanted to be sure and let you know and thank you, because you are so obviously part of this blessing.

May all your good work shower blessings on you.
~ Judith

Dear Friends: If you can, go and see this healer. I was with her a couple of weeks ago and my back pain is gone. She has been working with John of God in Brazil and is very powerful. The group healing is $50.00 and well worth it. When she put her hands on me, it felt like shocks of electricity was coming through her to me. She is good. She comes down from Santa Rosa. I am very glad I went to see her. She also does long distance healing too. She is good.
~ Linda Compton, Point Richmond, CA