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Healing Services Because of the nature of energy healing, it is not necessary to be in the physical presence of the healer to receive it. There are a variety of ways to interact with me, so please choose the method that is most convenient, comfortable and appropriate for you, including:

Private session
Group session
Half-hour telephone session
Distance healing
House clearing
Pet healing
Gift Certificates

Schedule a Session

Private, in-person sessions are an opportunity to discuss your situation with me in greater detail. Sessions can be conducted during my visits to areas where group sessions are being held or at my office in Northern California.


GROUP SESSIONS   $50 per person
I offer group sessions throughout the Western United States at various times which are posted on the calendar portion of this Web site. Groups last approximately two hours, and attendance is limited to 15 participants. While I work on each person individually, the energy works on everyone in the group at the same time. Group sessions often fill quickly, so please sign up as soon as you know you would like to attend.


This is for people who want to speak to me directly and ask questions. Simply schedule a session. I will ask you to be in a quiet and still location to optimize the energy that is transmitted during the sessions.


If you are not able to meet with me in person, I offer distance healing which can be as effective as meeting in person.
For me to best help you, please fill out the Healing Request Form as completely as possible, including a recent photo. In order to receive the most benefit from the healing energy, please don’t eat pork or drink alcohol for 7 days following the session.


HOUSE CLEARING from    $100
It is often very beneficial to clear energy from a home, whose previous occupants, events or other circumstances can impact your quality of life in the present. Charges are based on travel distance as well as the significance of the issues.


PET HEALING from     $50
Pets can often benefit from healings in similar ways as humans. I have worked with veterinarians and their patients on a variety of issues. Like all of the work, of course, there can be no guarantees, but animals are often highly responsive to energy healings.

For more information, you can contact me via email at

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