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Energy Clearing - Cynthia Branchflower

A Guide To Energy Clearing
by Cynthia Branchflower

Renowned energy healer, Cynthia Branchflower, has written a fascinating book about how to clear oneself from energies that healers of all kinds can encounter. All of us can benefit from knowing how to clear our energy fields from toxic people, unhealthy environments and difficult situations. 

Five Stars
Clear, concise and effective! Thank you for this simple yet powerful guide, Cynthia!   P. Muhl
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Guide to Energy Clearing - Cynthia Branchflower

Small book, Good information
A good book !! Cynthia gets to the point of explaining why we need to protect our energy and how to protect it. It’s a small book but there is good information in it. EarthRain

Although this is a small book, I find it extremely useful and full of important details regarding energy clearing. As a reputable and sensitive healer, Cynthia Branchflower knows the absolute necessity of utilizing the correct techniques to clear energies from our bodies and spaces. This book is a must-read for people from all walks of life, but particular for therapists, counsellors, nurses, and all those who come in contact, on a regular basis, with a large number of people suffering any kind of emotional Or mental distress. This book is a real gem, and I highly recommend it. Linn Roby

A Guide to Energy Clearing
by Cynthia Branchflower

For the first time in print, renowned Spiritual healer Cynthia Branchflower brings awareness to the very real impacts other people’s energies have on us in our daily lives. Through a wealth of case studies from her private practice, she brings this fascinating subject to life and shares her time-tested techniques for clearing the negative energies that cling to each of us. 

This book serves as a terrific introduction on how the energies of others can affect our very being. Written in a very straight forward and easy to follow way, readers will come away knowing how to clear unsettled energies, what locations to go to when they need to recharge, the healing power of nature, and many other truths revealed to Cynthia in the past 15 years. 

This book will prove invaluable for masseurs, physicians, teachers, osteopaths, and anyone whose career includes a great deal personal contact with others.

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